Super Transfer Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump (0-3 GPM)

Super Transfer Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump (0-3 GPM)

$ 169.95

Variable speed diaphragm pump. This pump is ideal for moving small quantities of wine, beer, and other liquids. Diaphragm pumps are self priming, so they can suck the liquid directly from your container.

Includes a built in prefilter to protect the pump from particulates, a on/off switch with variable speed control, and plastic tubing.

Pump Specifications

» Self-priming pump

» Automatic Shut-Off switch at 45 psi.

» Thermally protected motor

» Maximum liquid temperature 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees Centigrade)

» Can run dry for short periods of time

» Max. flow rate: 3.0 GPM free flow

» Min. flow rate: 0.8 GPM free flow

» Pump can run without interruption for over 90 minutes

» On/Off switch

» Adjustable flow rate

» 110 Volts. O.5 Amp

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