Blonde Hopster

$ 49.95

Blonde Hopster

(Extract with Grains)


3.3 lbs Pilsner LME
3 lbs Pilsner DME
1 lb Caravienne 20L
8 oz Vienna Malt

Schedule of Kettle Additions

60 min    12.1 AAU - Columbus
10 min    1/2 oz Denali
5 min      1 oz Azacca
1 min      1 oz Denali
0 min      1 oz Crystal Hop Hash
DryHop  1oz Azacca



  • Bring 1.5 gallons water to 160'F and turn off heat source.
  • Place crushed grains in a muslin bag and steep for 35 minutes at 154'F
  • Remove grains and let drain back into the pot. Do not Squeeze!!!
  • Add additional water to the kettle to bring volume up to at least 2.5 gallons and begin heating.
  • Disolve the LME, DME, and MaltoDextrine as the wort coms to a boil.
  • Once kettle is back at a boil and no longer creating heavy foam, make your first hop addition and follow the schedule above.
  • Once boil is complete, chill the wort to about 68'F and add to sanitized fermenter.
  • Top off volume to 5 gallons with clean, cool water and mix well
  • Ferment with Lallemond  for at least 7 days

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