Beer and Wine Classes

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As part of our goal to educate the beer/wine hobbyist, we offer classes in both beer and wine making. We have two classrooms, located right here at our shop, dedicated to the teaching of both of these arts. Our goal is to help you understand the processes and to ultimately produce an even better product. More importantly, we want to make sure you are having fun while you are doing it. Both beer and wine classes are held in two parts. Day one is the making of the product. Day two is the bottling of that product. There is a period...

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To chill a brew

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This is a frequently debated point, so I'd like to offer a bit of insight on the ups and downs of various chilling methods. First off, let it be known: the answer will always depend on how much beer one is brewing at a time. Some solutions just aren't cut out for certain volumes. My criteria is simple: what is the least expensive yet still fully effective/efficient method for each size. This always comes down to "how fast is it done" because, well... shoot, unless we want to make an infected beer, this matters! Even if we want an infected beer,...

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Summer ferments, the long story.

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It is hot outside! Most folks I know take that to mean "time to enjoy my wine/beer, I'll make it later." Well, okay, if you're stocked well and like that cycle... no, wait, there are some pointers to think about anyways.   Heat does NOT hurt all fermentation. No, it's not good for that white wine with the delicate flavors, or the American ale that just shouldn't have that ester... but what about wines and beers that work well with ester profiles? Or phenols that develop in higher temperature ferments?    I've mentioned many times, brewing a Saison is perfect...

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