New Yeast Management at the shop

Imperial yeast Yeast

Help us save Billions of lives.

In an effort to minimize the old tired yeasts in house and get you the freshest yeast possible, we are slowly transitioning to a new method of yeast management here at Brew and Wine Hobby. Our Wyeast system will remain the same as it has been (Don't worry, we'll have plenty of 1318 for you Hop Heads).
We will be transitioning to more of a pre-order scenario with White Labs. This means, if you want a particular yeast for a brew, let us know in advance so that we may order it and get it to you in its freshest state. Turnaround time should be about 2 weeks depending on timing of request.

We know there are fans of the White Labs Yeasts and we will continue to carry the yeast varieties that you want to use. We just want to hear from you so we know which varieties to put on our orders. Please comment below and let us know what you would like to see us have in stock.

This being said, we will be carrying a new brand of yeast. Check them out. There are some very exciting yeast and bugs in their library. These yeasts will also be on a pre-order basis as we introduce the new line. Let us know which of these varieties you would like to see here in the shop. Click on the link below to see what they have to offer and comment below as to which one/ones you would like to try. Pricing will be the same as our other liquid yeasts.

Together, we can save billions of lives and make even better beer in the process.

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