Wow, a new website!

Folks, sorry for the down time with the website. This isn't my strong suit, so bear with me -- we're getting a real, working site. Again. Wait, we tried that before... but we mean it this time! 

...and this is the beginning of it. Better than the nothing that happened about a month ago. So, yes, we're back. 

That being said, the storefront is still underway and is not quite ready, but you're welcome to check it out in the mean time. Our physical address has been and remains open, and will continue to do so. While we're polishing this website, here's some basic store info:


Location: 12 Cedar St, East Hartford CT 06108


Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 10-6, Thursday 10-8, and Saturday 10-5. 


Phone: 860-528-0592


This is a work in progress, but I'm happy to hear feedback at any time. With luck, we'll have a faster, smoother site and... before long... a full store and inventory you can see right here (and even purchase from online). Thanks so much for your patience, patronage, and support! Without it, we wouldn't be continuing to grow and improve! 


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